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    GENERAL WEB SITES about Electronic Music or Audio Recording

                  -- Audio recording main portals
                  -- Electronic music main portals
                  -- Audio recording web directories

    HARDWARE (Synth/Sampler/Recording) : Main Sites and Manufacturers

                  -- Main hardware sites
                  -- Manufacturers / support
                  -- Dedicated sites (often unofficial)
                  -- Components / Miscellaneous

    SOFTWARE (Sequencer/Audio/Generative Music): Main Sites and Editors

                  -- Main software sites
                  -- Editors / support / news
                  -- MP3 Encoding Theory / sourcecode
                  -- Miscellaneous

    SAMPLES (.wav and other formats): Main sites, Catalogs and Editors

                  -- Online samples and tutorials
                  -- Samples CD and other sources

    MISC : Musical Theory, Online main Distributors, Music Mag, Institutions

                  -- Labels and discographies search
                  -- Sound Recording Techniques
                  -- Experimental music and tools
                  -- The MIDI links
                  -- Music mag
                  -- Online Music Distribution
                  -- Authors society and equivalent
                  -- Other resources



        -- Audio recording main portals
                AUDIOWORLD Providing news, information and directory about audio
                HARMONY CENTRAL Downloads, reviews, ads, events, infos
                HITSQUAD "Musician's Web Center" : a good site with lot of downloads--


        -- Electronic music main portals
                DANCETECH Tutorials & news
                SONICSTATE Lot of links and resources for electronic musicians
                SYNTHZONE Loads of links and resources for synth' users (hardware or software)
                TWEAKHEADZ LAB Guide, forum and lot of info about audio and MIDI production


        -- Audio recording web directories
                PRO AUDIO The ultimate Pro audio directory ? Hundreds of professionnal links !

HARDWARE : electronic instruments, recording.


        -- Main hardware sites
                DRUM MACHINE Drum machine museum
                KEYBOARD MUSEUM A real synth museum in florida : interesting site
                SYNTH MUSEUM Very good resources about synth (vintage only)
                SYNTH NETWORK Great site about analog gear
                VINTAGE SYNTH Great site about analog gear


        -- Manufacturers / support
                AKAI News, products, support, manuals.
                ALESIS Downloads, reviews, news..
                ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS Analogue synths
                ANYWARE INSTRUMENTS Analogue filters and sequencer
                APHEX Exciter, compressors, preamp, etc..
                AUDIO TECHNICA Pro microphones - condenser and dynamic mic..
                AUSTRALIAN THEREMIN KIT Build your own theremin
                BBE Sonic Maximiser and other studio products
                BCK PC midi keyboards
                CLAVIA NordLeads, DDRUM, NordElectro..
                DOEPFER Modern analog gear
                DAVE SMITH INST Evolver Synth
                DIGIGRAM soundcards with or without onboard processing
                EGO SYSTEMS Soundcards, midi interface, keyboard
                EMU EMU Samplers
                EMS The famous synthesizer manufacturer
                EVOLUTION Keyboards and controllers
                FROSTWAVE Australian manufacturer of filters, resonnator, sequencer
                GREX Innovative midi controller and sequencer
                INFECTION INST Advanced step sequencers
                JLCOOPER Media control station, midi controller.
                KENTON Midi to CV converters, RetroFits and midi controllers
                KORG UK KORG synth (UK site)
                KORG USA Korg USA site
                KURZWEIL Synth, signal processors, sound libraries
                LEXICON Digital Audio processing equipment
                M AUDIO Delta series soundcards, midi tools, Propellerheads products
                MELLOTRON Information, new and used Mellotrons and Chamberlins
                METASONIX Synthesizer, modulator and filter with valve !
                MIDISOLUTIONS useful midi boxes : merger, thru box, patchbay
                MOOG Moog Synthesizers, effects, theremin
                MOTU Mark Of The Unicorn : computer audio interface
                NOVATION MUSIC Synths and drum box
                OPENLABS EKO "Open Synth"
                PAIA Analog products : Theremax, Fatman..
                PMC Excellent loudspeakers for monitoring
                QUIK LOK Keyboards/mic/mixer stands, racks, computer furniture
                RADIKAL TECH Spectralis groovebox, control surfaces
                RME quality soundcards and audio converters
                ROLAND Roland UK
                SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS Parts and accessories for CS vintage synth
                SND Analogue sequencer and filter
                SYNTH-DIY Helpful site to build your own synth
                SYNTHESIS TECH Modular synthesizer
                TANNOY Studio monitoring
                TC ELECTRONIC Studio, mastering, broadcast..
                UCAPPS Good resources for DIY midi projects : merger, controller, synth...
                WALDORF Great Synths, filters, and plugin
                WAVEIDEA Advanced programmable midi controller
                YAMAHA SYNTH Yamaha main site : news, products, manuals


        -- Dedicated sites (often unofficial)
                ARP ODYSSEY About the ARP Odyssey
                RS7000 Site about the Yamaha big sequencer/sampler
                SIDSTATION Sidstation synth
                TB303 The famous TB303
                THEREMIN WORLD Everything about the Theremin
                TONY BLACK Manuals (PDF) of MC202, TB303, TR909..


        -- Components / Miscellaneous
                CRANAGE Testing products conformity to EU standards
                HEADWISE the Headphone Resource Site
                MINIMUSIC Some music softwares for your palm..
                PAPAREIL SYNTH LABS Technical infos on DIY electronic musical instruments
                SYNTHFOOL Some patch sheets for your vintage synth
                VINTAGE MANUAL Collecion of manuals for vintage synths

SOFTWARE : audio & midi on your computer.


        -- Main software sites
                AUDIOMELODY Free audio and music softwares
                DAVECENTRAL Not dedicated to music but lot of free downloads though
                DIRECT X FILES A great site about Direct X & plugins
                HANDS ON MIDI Some MIDI softwares for your PC and ATARI
                LINUX SOUND For Linux users
                MAC MUSIC For Mac users
                M A Z Nice site with lot of softwares : trackers, encoders, soft synth
                M D A Lot of good plugins
                NOISE TREKKER Trackers and downloads
                SHARE MUSIC MACHINE Lot of shareware
                TECHNOMUSIC Nice site with loads of downloads
                UNITED TRAKERS Really good site about tracking and sequencing


        -- Editors / support / news
                ABOX Modular softsynth..
                ALGORITHMIC ARTS Interactive Modular Algorithmic Music Software
                ANAMARK VST synth for Windows
                APPLIED-ACOUSTICS Tassman studio synth and Lounge Wizard
                ARBORETUM Audio softwares for Mac and PC
                AUDIOMULCH Interactive Music Studio : real time composition studio
                BIAS audio editing, mastering, processing products and restoration solutions
                BITHEADZ Virtual instruments : Retro AS-1, Unity DS-1, Phrazer..
                BUZZMACHINES Find everything for your Buzz environment
                BODY-RYTHMN Electronic beatbox system, played with PC keyboard
                BZONE Editor for Yamaha A-series Samplers
                CAKEWALK The famous sequencer : support, downloads etc..
                CELLSYNTH The Cell synth by "living memory"
                CSOUND powerful and versatile synthesis program
                CREAMWARE Powerful softwares
                CYCLING 74 Lot of VST plugin
                DSPERADO music softwares for Gameboy, Palm..
                DIGIDESIGN ProTools : audio and midi professionnal environment
                DIRECT X Microsoft official site about Direct X
                DIRECTX BUSTER An other essential site about Direct X
                EMAGIC Resources for Logic users
                FLEXIMUSIC Wave editor, composer, sound generator
                FL STUDIO Sequencer and soft synth (formerly Fruityloops)
                FXFREEZE a clever DAW CPU resource management product
                GRANULAB Granular synthesizer for Win32
                HOG An audio program that performs "weird" digital manipulations
                HAMMERHEAD Freeware rythm box, downloads
                iZOTOPE Ozone and Vynil softwares
                JESKOLA Resources for Buzz
                KVR-VST About VST softwares : mailing list, downloads
                KOBLO Soft synth
                MIDIFO plugins for Sonar or other hosts compatible with MFX or OPT
                NATIVE INSTRUMENT Reactor, Dynamo..
                NEMESIS MUSIC Gigasampler (TASCAM)
                OPCODE MIDI and digital audio recording and sequencing
                PROPELLERHEADS Rebirth and other products
                PROSONIQ Plug'in Sonicworx
                RENOISE Renoise (ex Noisetrekker) : an interesting tracker
                RGC AUDIO Different VST and DX softsynths
                SMART ELECTRONIX Some original plugins and soft
                SONICBYTES VST and VSTi products
                SONIC TIMEWORKS DirectX, ProTools and Pulsar plugins
                SOUNDBURST Software & plugins - Retro AS1, FX4U..
                SOUNDSLOGICAL Home of the interesting but complex WaveWarp
                SOUNDQUEST MidiQuest editor, Infinity
                SPIN AUDIO some audio VST plugin.
                SPONGEFORK original audio software for Mac OS 8,9,X
                SQUARECIRCLE Wavesurgeon, Moebius and plugin
                STEINBERG Infos, new products, support
                SYMBOLIC SOUND The creators of the KYMA system
                SYNOPTIC Virtual synth : Probe, Virtual Waves, Voice FX..
                SYNTHEDIT Shareware Modular Synthesiser for Windows
                SYNTRILLIUM Cool Edit software and other stuff
                TC NATIVE Powercore, VST/TDM plugins, high end FX
                TRACKTION audio and midi sequencer
                ULTRAFUNK Multimedia softwares
                URR interesting, advanced (and free) midi processor
                VISIONIC MP3 mixer and multitrack recorder
                WAVE TDM Bundle, various plugins.. etc
                WAVEARTS Different sound processing plugin
                YOWSTAR G audio manipulation environment
                ZYNEWAVE digital audio workstation "Podium"


        -- MP3 Encoding Theory / sourcecode
                AUDIOSTREAMING Infos about audiostreaming (MP3/RA)
                ID3LIB Tag editor ID3LIB
                LAME ENCODER The very good Lame code
                UNCODING MP3 A nice tutorial
                VORBIS Ogg Vorbis : the other way to compress audio files


        -- Miscellaneous
                END NOISE How to reduce PC operating noises
                MUSICXP Tuning Windows XP for audio/music applications
                QUIET PC How to reduce PC operating noises
                SOUNDBLASTER Links about SB and AWE soundcards + tips/tutorials

SAMPLES : find some material for your music


        -- Online samples and tutorials
                CDXTRACT A powerful browser, multi format sample converter
                ONE SHOT SAMPLES Brilliant site to find samples
                SAMPLE ARENA Lot of loops and sounds
                WAV WEB RING The .wav web ring : A lot of samples in .wav format
                WORLD OF SAMPLING News, infos, forums and links about sampling


        -- Samples CD and other sources
                LOOPMASTERS Sample CD editor
                SAMPLECRAZE SoundFont developers for Emu/Ensoniq
                SOUND USER Sample CD reviews
                TIME+SPACE Sample CD

MISC : theory, mag, online distrib.


        -- Labels and discographies search
                AMAZING DISCOGRAPHIES Lists of all the releases of hundreds of labels ! A must !
                DISCOGS Discographies search by labels and artists
                RLABELS A big index of the record labels on the web


        -- Sound Recording Techniques
                RECORDING WEBSITE Lot of nice tutorials in the online free library
                RECORD PRODUCER music, recording technique, business..


        -- Experimental music and tools
                ANTI-THEORY An excellent introduction to Circuit Bending
                FRACTAL MUSIC An essential site about fractal music
                T.THOMPSON Generative music and music softwares


        -- The MIDI links
                MIDI.ORG MIDI basics and news
                MIDI.ORG TABLES 3 Detailed tables of the midi messages : very useful
                MUSIC ROBOT Maybe the best midi-files search engine ?
                MIDISITE An excellent search engine for midifiles
                MIDISPEC The MIDI specification
                MIDISPEC SONICSPOT MIDI File specification
                MIDIFILE Structure MIDI File specification


        -- Music mag
                FUTUREMUSIC "Future Music" UK Mag
                KEYBOARD MAG Some musical mags and forums here
                S.O.S Sound on Sound UK mag


        -- Online Music Distribution
                MP3.COM The famous MP3 site : thousands of artists : all genres
                LIQUID AUDIO A suite of softwares that allows you to sell your music online
                PEOPLE SOUND Big site, lot of genres


        -- Authors society and equivalent
                ASCAP (USA) American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
                SACEM (FRANCE) Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique


        -- Other resources
                ARTISTOPIA Artist "development" resource

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